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Let us explain our idea in just 1 minute with this video.
How Younk is modernizing the recorded music industry

Younk is modifying the market of the recorded music industry - which is out of date, has a lack of transparency and limited access for artists and no access for community.

We're excited, that Blockchain technology and decentralization allows everyone to be involved in discovering, supporting, and co-owning the hits. If the record you backed goes big, you will be able to ride the wave with it! A revolutionary upgrade to being a fan. 

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Community funded,
collectively owned
Discover hits and co-own success to make
a better music together
1. Talent uploads a track
2. Community listens and rates the tracks
3. Community funds with tokens
4. Final creative product is released and promoted
5. Platform distributes revenue using smart-contracts
Artists Way
No more tracks for music labels and producers search — community will directly support your tracks! Younk experts will take care about all the rest: production and distribution.
Hithunters Way
Imagine if you'd supported Luis Fonsi's song Despacito last year with $100? Today you would be looking at $50,000! And that's just the return from one song! 
Play Your Way and join both parties: upload your tracks as an Artist and/or participate in the Funding as a Hithunter - it's up to you!
Music earnings calculator
Calculate your possible earnings, if you were able to support billboard hits from the past.
1. Choose a song
Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee
Pharrell Williams
John Lennon & Paul McCartney
2. How much you'd fund
$10 $10,000
3. Your current income
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What's behind our idea
“Anyone can participate in the search for a new big hit. We’ve created something, that could literally change the way new artists demos are reviewed.”
Andrey Dakhovsyy,
Founder and CEO of Ukrainian Records/Universal Music Group Affiliate till 2009. Founder and Strategic Advisor of Ukrainian Music Alliance.
“Be a part of the creative process, that we are in the industry have been doing for many many years. And the world will find out how good your ears really are.”
Don Grierson,
Music industry executive, credited with such discoveries as Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Duran Duran and more. Voting member of The Grammys.
Our product is already available on 
  • Ideation, research, initial concepts
  • Core founding team assembled
  • Proof of concept done, project started
  • Don Grierson becomes a co-founder of Younk
  • Technical proof of concept done
  • Design prototypes & early white papers
October - December
  • Strategic partners acquired
  • Early investors&advisors engaged
  • Global marketing&PR campaign started
  • Smart contract deployment
  • MVP ready
  • Younk platform closed beta
  • Younk platform open beta
  • Younk 1.0 release
  • Younk app’s release
  • US & Japanese market expansion
  • Younk 2.0 release, machine learning implementation
  • Younk 3.0 release, internal exchange and DOC trading system
  • Younk 4.0 release, AI advisor implementation
  • 100 000+ artists involved
Meet Our Team
Don Grierson
Co-founder, SVP Creative
Music industry executive. Received the Golden Apple Award from The Beatles and signed Celine Dion to her first US recording contract. Don also signed a number of hit-making artists, including Heart, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Duran Duran, and others. He is a voting member of The Grammys and an instructor at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA.
Andrey Dakhovskyy
Music Industry Expert. Founder and CEO of Ukrainian Records/Universal Music Group Affiliate till 2009. Founder and Strategic Advisor of Ukrainian Music Alliance, IFPI body in Ukraine, IFPI spokesman in Ukraine between 2000 and 2005. Andrey has a background in label establishment and development along with musical product monetization. PhD Theoretical Physics.
Gennadiy Kurochka
Co-founder, SVP Strategic Communications
PR Strategist. Co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Myhelix, and Telecom Branch of the Future. He is best known for pioneering the National Branding Strategy of Ukraine in 2010. His project “Witness” won the first Bronze Lion for Ukraine in 2017. Gennadiy authored the “UN Hundred” multimedia project that won Gold Sabre Award, and stood behind latest debut of Ukraine House Davos on the sidelines of the 2018 WEF. Executive representative of CNN in Ukraine.
Pavlo Yelizarov
Co-founder, Chairman
TV Producer. Co-founder and Chairman of the Coordination Board at Savik Shuster Studio Ltd., CEO at the 'World News Service' TV and radio company "3S.TV" until March 2017. Producer of numerous shows and projects, including one of the most known Ukrainian talk shows ‘Shuster Live’, 'African Passion', 'Olympic Passion', '3S.TV|Economists’, ‘3S.TV|Bloggers'.
Nika Finch
VP, Marketing Strategic
Artists manager. Nika has a background in PR for artists and events, film producing and marketing with over 5 years experience in the music industry.. As a booking agent, she cooperated with the leading music performers from Europe and the US.
Kamila Pletneva
VP Marketing Strategy
Brand & Communications Strategy specialist, Market & Consumer Research professional, Corporate Responsibility enthusiast with over 10 years experience in marketing. Kamila holds a Master’s degree of International Relations, Brand Strategy diploma in BBDO Academy, Master’s degree of Business Administration (MBA). Succeeds in developing comprehensive marketing strategies to position products & services in Russia and USA.
Lara Ispravnikova
Co-founder, CTO
IT Seasoned Technologist and Digital Strategist with extensive experience in Entertainment, Retail, Mobile Development, Financial and Travel. Her work experience relies on comprehensive IT & Marketing skills and duties, such as: IT (Android, iOS, Big Data, Web, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, Ruby, PHP, Python, C++), Development & Product Management, Marketing.
Nazar Khalavka
Project Manager
Financial analyst. Blockchain enthusiast with over 8 years in sales, equity, crypto trading, and project management of multimillion resources and investment in blockchain-based startups, such as Stratis, Bancor, Tezos, etc.
Lisa Yasko
VP, External Relations & Social Impact
Public policy and strategic communications specialist. Lisa has background in political science and strategic communications. She co-founded and coordinated a number of initiatives in culture diplomacy, worked on policy recommendations for culture, creative economy, music industry and education for governmental sector in the UK and Ukraine. Liza holds a Master’s degree of Public Policy from Blavatnik School of Government, The University of Oxford.
Alex Komkov
Senior Blockchain developer
Head of Development/Principal Solution Architect/Blockchain Lead Developer. Alex has over 10 years of development experience and 6 years of team management. He started early with systems integrations and then pivoted into working with large-scale systems, data science algorithms and Big Data. In 2017 Alex launched a Blockchain voting platform and cooperated with a number of Blockchain projects in the US, Russia and Slovenia.
Ilya Kulikov
Chief Technical Development Manager
Strong entrepreneurship professional. Ilia has got 10 years experience of managing remote teams up to 100 people while working in the film and commercial production industry. In 2012, he launched his first IT startup. Since then he has been managing a number of successful development projects with international teams in the US, Russia and Slovenia.
Alex Kozlov
VP of Finance
Financial industry executive with 20 years of experience. For 10 years managed multi-million M&A and direct investment projects for London consulting firm, later co-founder and CIO for a number of American hedge funds specializing in private equity and start-up investments. Served as an adviser on M&A and investment strategy to the board of the major Russian steel holding. Harvard graduate
Our Legal Advisors McCarter & English

For more than 170 years, McCarter & English has been the chosen law firm of Fortune 100 companies, mid-market, and emerging growth companies, as well as individuals. McCarter & English is a full-service law firm that also focuses on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts.

McCarter & English has a long-standing commitment to public service and expects its attorneys to participate in activities that promote the public interest. Working as outside legal counsel, McCarter attorneys are well-known for advising new and start-up companies and their investors in new technology and tech-enabled industries.

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